Binary Charm is live! And on a palindrome day!

Our first project is in advanced state of development and will be announced soon.

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Games and tech - work in progress!

Our first game is almost complete and is going to be announced soon, as hinted by the mysterious artwork in the Games section.
Meanwhile, we are going to publish some Unity assets spawned from its development. The first one has just been submitted for review and will hopefully be available soon on the Unity Asset Store.

TextMeshPro Alpha released!


Coming soon…

teaser image for unannounced game


[Unity] TextMeshPro Alpha

A Unity asset to easily implement different kinds of alpha fading on TextMeshPro texts. It only uses TextMeshPro native features, with no custom shaders and no masking.


Binary Charm Ltd was founded in 2020 by Dario Scarpa, relentless bit-flipper, as a step in his constant pursuit of a perfect balance between technology and creativity.

The company operates on two fronts:

  • free-lance consulting, mostly in the field of XR for the industry
  • independent development of videogames and related technology

On this site you will mostly find information about the latter.


Contact us by e-mail at . We try to reply to every message as soon as we can, if you don’t hear back in a couple of days your e-mail might have been flagged as spam.

If you prefer, you can send us a private message by:

We believe that asynchronous, text-based communication is the best option to get in touch. Calls will then be scheduled when needed.